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If you are familiar with natural herbs, then you may know about the amazing benefits of Marshmallow Root. However, most people, when they hear the word Marshmallow Root, immediately think of the sweet sugary marshmallow treats. Although, the Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow Root) plant was once used to make those delicious treats, this herb has many other wonderful benefits. Because of its nutritional composition and health benefits, Marshmallow Root is used in all of our Pretty Perk products.

Marshmallow Root is an amazing herb that has been around for centuries; so long that ancient Greeks and Indian cultures have used it for healing properties. In fact, this wonderful herb was mentioned in Homer’s Iliad that was written over 2800 years ago. Originally, Marshmallow Root was used as a food, particularly during times of famine, when it was more abundant than vegetables. However, once people discovered its medicinal properties, this herb quickly became an “overnight sensation” throughout many cultures and countries.

Marshmallow Root works as a demulcent that produces an extract that contains flavanoids, which has anti-inflammatory properties. The flavanoids are able to reduce inflammation because of the additional mucilage properties found within the root. The root extract, when consumed, induces phagocytosis, which is the process in which certain cells engulf bacteria, dead cell tissues or other solid particles. This process speeds up the healing process.


Pretty Perk Marshmallow Plant

Historical Health Benefits:

In Ancient Times: Marshmallow Root was used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. It was used for healing bruises, soothing muscle aches, helping digestion, relieving inflammation and healing insect bites. It was also believed to enhance the immune system.


During the Middle Ages: The sap of the Marshmallow plant was commonly used in tea form to help soothe colds and sore throats. Because of its mucilage properties, Marshmallow Root became helpful in healing dry skin conditions, especially for people living within extreme weather environments.


In Modern Times: Marshmallow Root is still being used for many of the conditions & ailments described above. However, this powerful plant has added new acclaims as a result of its demulcent properties. Today, Marshmallow Root is believed to be beneficial in eliminating toxins within the body. Because of this acclaim, Marshmallow Root is sought by many people to help them neutralize the causative factors associated with arthritis. Over the centuries, and after much research, Marshmallow Root has come to be known throughout the world as an essential ingredient within many medicinal formulas.


Although individual results may vary, you can see that Marshmallow Root has a wide range of benefits for your health. Because of its amazing properties, utilizing Marshmallow Root within all of our products was the wisest choice for us to make.


All of our Pretty Perk Teas and Coffees are made with Marshmallow Root and our Mallun Cupcakes are made with Marshmallow Root & Sunflower Oil.


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