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READY TO EAT! Our Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ in a jar make a delicious, easy to eat treat anytime! Our cupcakes make great gifts for any occasion as well as sending a little bit of home-made happiness to someone special. Each jar is hand packed with 2 MALLUN CUPCAKES and, after baking, lasts up to 7 days without refrigeration. Once you try one of our Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™, you may never want to eat a regular cupcake again!


Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ 2 in 1




More and more organizations are learning what a unique and delicious gift our Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ can be. From client gifts, corporate parties and functions to marketing packages for potential clients, our mouth watering treats always make a huge impression. Oh and did we mention they can be customized? Send us your label/logo and we’ll brand your jar, just for you! We also build custom flavor profiles. Contact us for details! If it can be baked and branded, it can be done!


Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ corporate gifts




Having a wedding, corporate event, baby shower, anniversary or holiday party?…Let Pretty Perk design custom jars to make your event truly unique. From custom toppers to your own labels, we can make your special day one to remember. Contact us to discuss flavor and decorating options. If it can be baked and decorated, it can be done!


Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ birthday party




Pastry Chef Marilyn Halwix


Our Pastry Chef bakes with only the finest ingredients – the result is a variety of delicious taste sensations that suit your needs. She can also add custom labels to help commemorate your event. Have a look below to see additional samples of the work she has done. Whatever your event, our Chef’s Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ are the perfect way to enjoy this delicious dessert.


Our Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ come in a variety of flavors and are baked fresh every day. For large or custom orders, please contact us at 231-715-6900, email us at or Click Here to use our contact form to discuss bulk shipping options!


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Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ yummy flavors




What is a Mallun Cupcake? All of our Pretty Perk Cupcakes™ are made with a superior organic herb that has been around for centuries – Marshmallow Root – combined with the healthy benefits of Sunflower Oil (MALL(ow) + (s)UN). Many people are aware of the benefits of cooking with Sunflower Oil but, but a lot of people are not aware of Marshmallow Root. Most people, when they hear the word Marshmallow Root, immediately think of the sweet sugary marshmallow treats. Although, the Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow Root) plant was once used to make those delicious treats, this herb has many other wonderful benefits. Originally, Marshmallow Root was used as a food, particularly during times of famine, when it was more abundant than vegetables. However, once people discovered its medicinal properties, this herb became an “overnight sensation” as a natural remedy for inflammation and irritation. Because of this herb’s amazing and superior properties, Mallun Cupcakes are the cupcakes of choice.


Click Here If you would like to learn more about the astonishing benefits of this powerful all-natural herb – Marshmallow Root.


Click Here If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of Sunflower Oil.


Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™ anytime


Below you will find a description of our Pretty Perk Mallun Cupcakes™that are a must for your next occasion:


Pretty Perk Holiday Mallun Cupcakes


OUR VERY OWN ~ Strawberry Lemonade


If we had one word to describe this perfectly yummy cupcake, it would be Faaaaa-resh. There’s a guaranteed “ahhhhhhh” after every satisfying bite. Refreshing light lemon vanilla cupcakes with our delightful strawberry frosting is full of flavor. These cupcakes are for all of us seasonally challenged kids-at-heart who have already dusted off our baskets of flip-flops and stowed away our mittens and scarves.


AND INTRODUCING ~ Patriotic Sparkle


Pretty Perk Holiday Mallun Cupcakes


Happy Summer everyone! We celebrate our patriotic season and our support for all the men and women who defend our country with our eye catching dessert that is perfect for memorial day, 4th of July, labor day….well, let’s face it ….all summer long. We’ve been a bit obsessed with dressing up our desserts recently so we have baked up a batch of our delicious vanilla cupcakes, layered them with light and yummy cream cheese frosting and dressed them up with our nation’s patriotic colors….Wow…what a great way to celebrate summer!!


Pretty Perk Double Delectable Chocolate Mallun Cupcake

**NEW** Double Delectable Chocolate **NEW**


Chocolate lovers only! This recipe is dedicated to all of you chocoholics. Pure, unadulterated, inexplicable, out-of-this-world love for chocolate. Moist chocolate cake with a rich chocolate ganache center and topped with chocolate butter-cream frosting. They are rich, fudgy, and decadent. The cupcakes are not overly sweet – they are deep and intense. Pure chocolate. And a lot of it!

I bought these cupcakes for my daughter’s 11th birthday. They are just fantastic! Very moist, fudgy, chocolaty, and not too sweet. I am buying 30 more because my daughter wants to share these cupcakes with her classmates and teachers. Keep up the great work!


Pretty Perk National Velvet Mallun Cupcake

National Velvet


Traditional fluffy southern style, these red velvet cupcakes layered with our tangy homemade cream cheese frosting puts these cupcakes over the top! Over the past year, these cupcakes are the most requested on our website. Our cupcakes are so unworldly moist, very buttery, full of vanilla flavor with a hint of chocolate goodness. And the tang from the cream cheese frosting is the perfect complement to the indulgently sweet red velvet crumb underneath. Simply put? Our red velvet cupcakes are the bees’ knees.

BEAUTIFUL AND LUSH CUPCAKES! I am a long time fan! I kind of have this relationship with your cupcakes… I buy a 1/2 dozen of your cupcakes every week and the results are ALWAYS PERFECT! I try a new flavor each week and I am never disappointed! Thank you for brightening my days and the days of many people around me too! THANK YOU PRETTY PERK!


Pretty Perk 24 Karat Mallun Cupcake

24 Karat


Loaded with comforting spice flavor we all know and love, our carrot cake is bursting with shredded carrots, pecans, walnuts and chocolate chips layered with our homemade cream cheese, buttercream frosting and topped with a walnut. Simple and moist; soft, yet dense; tender, yet mighty. It’s a total classic and spring isn’t complete without it.

It’s like Easter is coming or something 😉 Your cupcakes do look SO PERFECT and I LOVE that you added apple sauce in them to enhance all those yum spices! I could eat 2 RIGHT NOW!


Pretty Perk Chocolate Birthday Mallun Cupcake

Vanilla & Chocolate Birthday


Our homemade yellow cupcakes are rich, tender, moist and are about as classic as apple pie, as iconic as chocolate chip cookies and as supreme as chocolate cake. Light and airy and covered with mounds of whipped, luscious vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting topped with rainbow sprinkles. Each bite seemed to completely melt in my mouth. These super moist yellow cupcakes reign supreme in the dessert world. Soft, fluffy, and bursting with buttery flavor. Homemade tastes 1,000x better than a box! Nothing beats a classic yellow cupcake topped with creamy frosting. Are we right or are we right? :)

Our f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e-s-t chocolate cupcakes on the planet. Our homemade chocolate cupcakes with creamy chocolate cream cheese buttercream frosting topped with rainbow sprinkles taste like an indulgent, perfect little truffle. They’re moist, super soft, fluffy, and fudgy at the same time. Think of a really, really fudgy brownie and mix that with a rich chocolate cake and you’ve got our recipe for these chocolate cupcakes.

Hot ****, these were good. Better than good, they were awesome! Moist, perfectly puffed, with creamy icing spread over the top. I bought 12. I should have bought more.  I won’t make that mistake again. Thank you!


Pretty Perk Cookies N Cream Mallun Cupcake

Cookies N Cream


For when you can’t decide if you want chocolate or vanilla! Who cares! Have both flavors because today you don’t have to choose! It’s party time. ♥ Vanilla cupcake loaded with oreo cookie bits layered with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting. So there you have it. Buttery vanilla paired with swirls of chocolate throughout every super-moist bite. Does it really get any better than this? Oh yes, it does. Top with a sparkly candle and celebrate your ultimate awesomeness.

I bought these cupcakes for an upcoming baby shower and hands down these are the best cupcakes I have ever tasted (and there has been a lot). These will be a forever go to.…all in all just fantastic!


Pretty Perk Peanut Mallun Cupcake

Pretty Perk Peanut


Peanut butter – the best flavor on earth – and chocolate chips baked to almost “Cookie-like” perfection layered with peanut butter frosting and chocolate chip cookies. Our cupcakes have an almost crunchy cookie crumb texture. Soft & creamy peanut butter and stuffed with a creamy peanut butter cup surprise. And let us tell ya, it’s a winner! These cupcakes will be the first dessert to disappear!!

Your cupcakes are super amazing! It’s a cupcake miracle! As is the inner PB cup. You could make giant ones with the bigger-sized cups if you wanted to get really crazy, huh? Right up my alley! Can’t wait to buy more :)


Pretty Perk Guiness & Baileys Mallun Cupcake

Guiness & Baileys


Warning. This cupcake is dangerously addicting. It is physically impossible to STOP eating bite by bite by bite. Before you know it, the entire batch will be gone. We speak (type?) from experience. Chocolate and Guinness baked into a dense, moist cupcake loaded with chocolate chips, layered with bittersweet chocolate ganache, and cream cheese, buttercream Bailey’s frosting. For how addicting it is to eat – it should be a crime. Totally not bikini friendly, but totally worth every chocolate-y bite. “One taste” is not enough. “One small cupcake” is not enough.  Heck, even 2 cupcakes are not enough. Trust us, you will NOT be able to keep your spoons down.

They look fantastic and taste absolutely delicious!! I’ve never had Baileys before. I’m on dessert-duty and your cupcakes are summery, easy to transport and won’t melt away withing seconds. :-) I had a look through your website and got a little lost looking at all the wonderful pictures…Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


Pretty Perk Chocolate Mint Chip Mallun Cupcake

Chocolate Mint Chip


Classic homemade chocolate cupcakes topped with a thick, creamy luscious mint chocolate chip frosting. Mint chocolate chip ice cream in frosting form. Yes. It tastes like ICE CREAM. And frosting. At the same time. WHAT! Mint and chocolate are meant to be.  Like peas and carrots, ketchup and french fries, sprinkles and ice cream – Diamonds and ring fingers. ;) And the result is perfection.  We are SO pleased with our choice! The intense chocolate flavor ~ That mint chocolate chip frosting. Oh my heavens. These cupcakes are begging to be made. One bite and it will feel like winning the lottery… if the lottery prize was all frosting.

These mint chocolate chip cupcakes are the best we have ever had …frosting is amazing…. We can’t wait to eat these again!! My husbands birthday is coming up and mint chocolate chip ice cream is his favorite!! So… My daughter and I can’t wait to receive them. We will continue to order more in the future. Thanks!


Pretty Perk Strawberry Lemonade Mallun Cupcake

Strawberry Lemonade


If we had one word to describe this perfectly yummy cupcake, it would be Faaaaa-resh. There’s a guaranteed “ahhhhhhh” after every satisfying bite. Refreshing light lemon vanilla cupcakes with our delightful strawberry frosting is full of flavor. These cupcakes are for all of us seasonally challenged kids-at-heart who have already dusted off our baskets of flip-flops and stowed away our mittens and scarves.

I’m definitely ready for summer! These strawberry lemonade cupcakes look absolutely lovely. I am so over the snow! Enough is enough, I just want to eat these cupcakes out in the sun!!


Pretty Perk Nana Nut Mallun Cupcake

Nana Nut


We know we say we are obsessed with a lot of our recipes which may be convincing you that we are either (1) out of our minds or (2) we are just really in love with a lot of food. Definitely both. Pleasantly divine, our banana nut cupcake is baked with cinnamon and topped with our vanilla cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with pecans. Let us tell you exactly how this deeply satisfying, yet lightened-up banana nut cupcake tastes. It’s hearty and thick. Pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee in the morning. Dense and tight-crumbed like regular banana bread, but definitely sweeter. This cupcake tastes incredibly tender thanks to the bananas and applesauce. You’ll taste a lot of pure banana flavor. Complementing the banana’s flavor are vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar and honey.

I will definitely be trying this soon! Finding a banana nut cupcake that doesn’t contain yogurt/sour cream has been like looking for a unicorn. LoL So many of your cupcakes look amazing. These look super yummy….so happy these exist!!!!


Pretty Perk Tye Dye Mallun Cupcake

Tye Dye


These soft, fluffy homemade tye dye cupcakes are worlds better than anything you will find in a box! Spiked with vanilla and bursting through the seams with color, your friends will gobble them right up.  We covered them with whipped powder sugar frosting … oh the frosting …we have a winner!

Oh my goodness! I am an avid tye dye lover! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! Your cupcakes look amazing. I was anxiously waiting to try them…when they arrived…I was extremely satisfied. I bought these for my friend’s wedding and they were delicious! This will definitely be my “go to” cupcake store from now on!!


Pretty Perk Combo Packs

Pretty Perk Mallow Tea, Mallow Coffee, & Mallun Cupcake Craving Combos

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